Bliss (at DVILLE)

Bliss (at DVILLE)

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they hate us for our freedom

Touching (2012)
Duncan Wooldridge


Just in case you wanted to know what women look like shotgunning beers.

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Sometimes it’s 4am

and I’m driving down the highway 

and the roads are empty 

and I know she’s meant to be there 

riding shotgun

Sometimes it’s 7pm
and I’m sitting in a restaurant
and I know she’s meant to be
sitting opposite me
with her hair around her shoulders
and her eyes on me

Sometimes it’s 9am
and I’m ordering coffee
and I know she’s meant to be
waiting in the car
because I know her order too

Sometimes I won’t even know
what time it is
and I think about her
but I just haven’t figured out 

who she is yet

and I don’t know if I ever will

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Hell is Other People, Series 2
ph: Bienvenido Cruz
model: Cam

Anonymous said: What do you mean by sayin your queer? What does that mean to you


it means when i look at a hot person i go 

no matter what they is 

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Frank Ocean | I Miss You


Fei Fei Sun @ Ermanno Scervino Spring 2011

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